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For more than a century, St. Ann's Parish has been a place of worship, faith formation, friendship and mission. We have found that the teachings of Christ, as safeguarded by the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church, have led us to new life. We want to continue to share this new life with with as many people as we can! To do this well, we rely on the ongoing financial support of our parishioners and benefactors. By becoming a monthly donor to St. Ann's Parish, you help us build a reliable income stream from which we can tackle our regular expenses and plan for the future. Thank you so much for considering to join us as a Monthly Donor! If you need to adjust your donation at any time you can do so through this Canada Helps website or contact the office and we can help you. God bless!

Click the “Canada Helps” image below and complete the form to become a monthly donor.

Income Tax Receipts

It’s super easy to retrieve your income tax receipts at year end or any time of the year. Simple click here and enter your email address and the year you would like receipts from. All receipts will be emailed to you right away.