Novena This Year

Mass is held every evening at 7:00pm starting July 18th with confessions following and the closing Mass is held on the feast of St. Ann July 26th which includes the blessing of the relic of St. Ann.

Intentions are prayed for each evening during the novena.

All ages are welcome to attend.

Novena Letter


With the establishment of our parish, dedicated to St. Ann, Mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus, in 1906, a tradition began which has continued to this day.

That tradition is the annual Novena to St. Ann which begins on July 18th and continues until July 26th, the Feast of St. Ann.

In 1907, the Novena of St. Ann took on a new dimension and was raised to new heights to become the superb event it remains until today. For the first time, on the Feast of St. Ann, with Bishop Thomas Dowling, Bishop of Hamilton, presiding, our relic of St. Ann was presented for veneration. This first class relic, part of the arm bone of St. Ann, came from the great Shrine of St. Ann in Beaupre, Quebec. Archbishop Begin, Archbishop of Quebec City, gave the relic to Bishop Dowling who, in turn, presented to the new parish of St. Ann.

In over a century of veneration by the faithful, the relic has been the source of many marvelous favours for those who have placed their confidence in St. Ann. There are many clients of St. Ann who can attest to the great benefits they have received through prayer to her. Perhaps the foremost attribute of the Novena is the spirit of faith for those who come year after year to honour St. Ann.

Over the years many dedicated priests from various orders and indeed from within our own diocese have come to facilitate the Novena. The Gold Jubilee of the Novena in 1956 was preached by Father H. Dunlop of the Oblates and our centennial Novena, still fresh in our minds, was given by Matthew Ustrzycki, Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton. Father Julian Phelan, a Capuchin from Interlaken, NY, is lovingly remembered for his long association with the Novena to St. Ann.

It is the fervent prayer of many people that this Novena will continue for years to come, bringing people together, enhancing their lives and honouring this great lady, St. Ann.